Welcome to the Fluid Family

Fluid makes nutritional products to hydrate, fuel, and replenish you. For too long, we watched athletes struggle with sports drinks made with too much sugar, too much flavor, and formulas that simply didn’t make sense. We are changing all that.

Our during activity drinks have less sugar, more electrolytes, natural ingredients, and a wonderfully light refreshing flavor. They’re gluten and dairy free, and most importantly, they work. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with them and if not, we’ll make it right.

Our recovery drinks have better protein, more glutamine, natural ingredients, and a flavor you’ll actually look forward to post-workout. They’re lactose free, gluten free, and again, they work. Customers and awards have been saying so for seven years.

Whether you run trails, are triathlon training, or logging miles in the saddle, we are here to serve you with clean, simple, and effective nutritional tools to help you. Check us out and let us know how we can help you!

The Fluid Mantra

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