Erik Abernethy


I train and focus on Triathlons with my wife Katharina and mainly compete in Olympic distance races but that is evolving. I have also been a rock climber since 1996 and traveled all over for climbing. Previous snowboard patrol and instructor.

2016 goals: Many! I will be doing my first 70.3 Ironman race and compete in many other local races. I intended to break my previous times and place in my age group. I would also like to return to the Grand Canyon to run the rim to rim again.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Steve Acciarito

Trail Running/Ultramarathon

My name is Steve Acciarito. I am 53 years old. My background is former firefighter/paramedic. I now own and operate Pacific Coast Safety Services in Santa Monica, Ca. My passion is running. I enjoy both road and trails. I enjoy the challenge of the Ultra distances. I am usually out running somewhere 5-7 days a week. Aside from entering running events, I am also a pacer for Beast Pacing and I am a member of Race Guards and Ultra Medics.

I also enjoy volunteering and crewing at races. My big races for 2016 include Badwater Cape Fear, Leona Divide 50 miler, AC100, Kodiak, Hideaway, and Javelina 100. I also plan on traveling to Nicaragua in February of 2017 to run Fuego Y Agua.

Alexander Aceino


My name is Alex Aceino and I am an ex­NCAA Division I swimmer. I’ve been competing since I was 6 and have accomplished some great feats in my career from being a two time 18 and under national champion to qualifying for the 2012 US Olympic Team Trials. Currently, I am in a doctor of veterinary medicine program in southern California where I continue to train and compete. With a demanding athletic and academic schedule, proper nutrition and recovery are a must making Fluid products, like my favorite Chocolate Wave, an essential part of my success.

My main goal for this year is to re­qualify for the 2016 US Olympic Team Trials in my signature event, the 100 meter Butterfly. I am also working towards adding more USMS national and FINA Masters world records to my name.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Dena Ali

Mountain/Road Racing

I’m Dena, a firefighter, from Raleigh, North Carolina.   I have been a cyclist since 2000. I started as a mountain biker and won several local races between 2003-2009. In 2009, I started road cycling as a way to improve my endurance and strengthen my Mountain Biking. My partner Juan Pedraza and I have won the Briar Chapel Coed Duo 6 hour mountain Bike race 4 years in a row! 2011,  2012, 2013, and 2014. I have also completed the Raleigh Half Ironman 3 years in a row 2013, 2014, 2015.

Favorite Flavor: “I love Fluid Recovery HOT Chocolate Wave after a long road ride.”

Joanie Andersen

Ultra Running

For 2016 Joanie will continue volunteering at community events as well as in the ultra running community as she trains.

Race goals include the Fuego Y Agua Survival Run, Born To Run 30 mile course and SLO Ultra 50 mile. She plans to improve on last years times and enter more races.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus

Eric Baum

Road/Crit Cyclist

Eric will push hard in 2016 to upgrade to a Cat 3 ranking as he continues to race and attend events in the Pennsylvania area.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus

Chris Berg


Chris is a resident of San Diego, California. He has been racing triathlons since 1998, and coaching the sport with Breakaway Training since 2010. Prior to getting involved in the sport, Chris competed as a swimmer, hockey player and volleyball player. Chris’ passion is to help other athletes achieve their triathlon dreams.

Chris has won the Mission Bay Triathlon, one of the longest running triathlons in the world, and considered by many to be the birthplace of the sport.

John Blewis


I am John Blewis and I live in Fort Myers, Florida.  I have been with Fluid for over 5 years now.  I have been in the same field of business for over 23 years now, and proud to be the Southwest Florida sales representative for a manufacturing company.

Early in the morning and on the weekends I train to compete in my favorite sport of Duathlon, which is a Run/Bike/Run event.  I have been ranked Nationally all 5 of the 5 years I competed in the sport, and in the top 10 every year for the state of Florida.  I am also a marathon runner and a USA Track and Field Coach.

My goals in 2016 are to move higher into the rankings Nationally (above 75th) in Duathlon and to run under a 3:20 Marathon in the NYC Marathon in November.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus – Recovery Chocolate Wave

Kristal Boni

Cyclocross & XC Mountain Bike

Kristal is a resident of Boulder, Colorado. She and her husband founded Rapid Racing Team, a small, elite group of athletes focused on cyclocross racing. Kristal also delves into mountain bike, road and triathlon racing. In addition to being a professional athlete with a full time career, Kristal is a loving mother.

Kristal is the 2013 Masters 35-39 World Champion. She races Category 1 in cyclocross and mountain bike disciplines, and has competed at the highest level in races throughout the United States.

Shawn Bussert

Ultra Trail Runner

Shawn is a runner from Washington State. He is excited for the upcoming race season and is looking to place top 20 at the White River 50 mile race in July. He also plans to race in numerous other races throughout the season.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Jason Chlopecki


For 2016, Jason’s focus will be on a few Olympic distance races and finishing off the season at the Big George Triathlon Festival in Lake George NY. He has represented Fluid at this event in the past with first place and second place wins.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Waylon Christensen

Triathlete/Endurance Mountain Biker

Waylon is a triathlete based in San Diego, California. He finished his first full Ironman at the age of 16 and has not looked back since. Waylon has finished more than 25 endurance events, winning 15 of them. Two of those wins were at full Ironman distance.

Recovering from an injury, Waylon plans to make a strong re-entrance to the race season. He plans to build strength and be racing 140.6 distances again by the end of the season.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Benjamin Coleman


Benjamin is a Type 1 Diabetic and an avid cyclist. Throughout his career he has refused to let anything get in the way of his athletic goals. 2016 will be no different. He is aiming for a win and a few podiums in the CAT 4/5 fields, and maybe even an upgrade to CAT 3. The sky’s the limit.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus – Recovery Chocolate Wave

Melissa Danehey


Melissa lives and trains on the trails in Central Coast, California. Her ‘no-quit’ attitude has earned her 13 ultra marathon finishes, including 8 in the Top 3. Her 2016 races include Summer Solstice 24 Hour, Headlands 100, and New Years One Day.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus – Recovery Chocolate Wave

Gordon Duncan


Gordon has some great athletic goals for his 2016 season. He is currently training to place Top 50 in Charlottesville Marathon (Charlottesville, VA) and Top 20 in Canal Race Half-Marathon (Roanoke Rapids, NC). He placed top 25 last year in the Canal Race, so hats off to him. Gordon also hopes to PR/Qualify for Boston Marathon in Richmond Marathon (Richmond, VA).

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Tim Ek

Endurance Mountain Biking/Endurance Gravel Road Racing

Tim’s athletic goals for the season include a top 10 finish in at least three ultra endurance races. Priorities include the Maah Daah Hey 100 mountain bike race in North Dakota, Lutsen 99’er mountain bike race on the northern shore of Lake Superior, and the Heck Epic (2 day, 2 stage self supported 200 hundred mile gravel/mt. bike race in Northern Minnesota).

Favorite Flavor: Performance Raspberry Lemonade – Recovery Chocolate Wave

Scott Flynn

Triathlete/Multi-Sport Coach

Scott is triathlete and multi-sport coach for Threshold Multisport residing just outside Atlanta, GA. He’s been racing triathlon for nearly 4 age-group advancements earning USAT All-American honors for the past 3 years.

Accomplishments include podium finishes at multiple triathlon distances as well as competing in bicycle road races and criterium events. 2016 will prove to be the year he goes for his first full ironman event and plans on drinking a lot of Chocolate Wave recovery for the next 6 months.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Chocolate Wave

Caleb Guest

Triathlete, Endurance Mountain Biker

“The past 15 years of training and racing have taken their toll on my body so I have decided to dedicate 2016 to focusing on getting my body back in balance.  With that being said, I still hope to participate in several local events and to use this down year to regain a solid base of fitness that I can take into 2017.”

Favorite Flavor: “This is a tough one.  After months of using primarily Chocolate Wave recovery I enjoyed a glass of Tropical Escape the other day and was reminded how much I enjoy this drink.”

Gary Hoehne

XC MTB, Cyclocross Category 1

Gary is an HVAC Technician and has been a volunteer firefighter in Cheshire CT for the past 16 years and a Lieutenant for the past 6. He also volunteers as an assistant coach for the CCAP for the past two years. Coaching children between the ages of 8-18 in Road, Cyclocross, and now Mountain Biking.

This year he plans to race SSAP, 4-NUE series races including the Wilderness 101 and Shenandoah 100. Zancanato SSCX series. Pats Peak 24 Hour MTB Solo

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus

James Kentro

Trail Running/Triathlon

I have been powered by Fluid for 7 years now, consuming a great deal of Fresh Citrus Performance.  I currently reside in Northern California competing in races for both trail running and triathlon, and I have earned numerous podium finishes in both disciplines including World Championship qualifications for Duathlon, Aquathlon, and Cross-Triathlon.

My 2016 schedule includes moving to Ashland, Oregon to attend Southern Oregon University and pursue a degree in Biochemisty.  I will be competing in trail running races around Auburn and Folsom in California, and around Oregon after my move.  My peak race for the year will be Duathlon National Championships.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus

Kyle Konczal


Kyle is a speedy fast runner hailing from Colorado. “For 2016 I plan on keeping my health up with proper recovery and nutrition. My main running goal is to get some effective mountain training in to prep for the 2016 racing season.”

Kyle kicked off his 2016 racing season with a 2nd place finish at Fort Ord 50k, His notable upcoming races include: Boston Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, Silver Rush 50, The Rut, Flagstaff Sky Ultra and The North Face 50 Championships.

Favorite Flavor: “Recovery Berry Treasure! Tastes great with water, even better with Almond Milk!!”

Joel Livesey

Ultra Runner

Hi, I’m Joel Livesey. I am a type 1 diabetic ultra and trail runner. In 2015 I completed the California Triple Crown of Ultrarunning by running SD100, SB100, and AC100 over the course of the summer. As of now I have completed 5 100 mile races. For 2016, I just finished Badwater Salton Sea 81 mile run in May. I have plans to run 2 mountain 100’s this year including the Bear 100 in Utah. In between I am running local races and trail runs, and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Blueberry Pomegranate and Recovery Cinnamon Vanilla.

The Miller Family


Triathlon has become a family affair for Alan and Monica Miller. Both of their kids, Alizah and Davland, have been competitive swimmers for 6 years and wanted to try racing triathlon after watching their parents race. 2016 will be the family’s 8th season in triathlon, racing up to 13 times a season; mostly sprint and olympic distances.

“I get lots of questions about them [Fluid].  My reply is simple:
Your car has a motor and runs on fuel.  I have two motors, my left leg and my right leg, and they run on FLUID!!!”

Katie Negley


I am a police officer in the Chicagoland area and in my off time I fancy myself a triathlete, swimmer, and general health, fitness and life enthusiast.

Accomplishments fueled by Fluid include: Ironman Wisconsin, 5 Half-Iron distance races, 3 USA Triathlon National Championship appearances, US Master’s Swimming National Championship medal winner, 2 full marathon finishes, regular participant in local 5k, 10k and half marathon races as well as sprint and Olympic distance triathlons.

Michael Phillips


Michael’s 2016 goals include focusing on the bike early in the season and beating his Century PR in the spring. Then shifting focus to a later season 70.3. He’s working with a new cycling coach and already seeing impressive results that he expects to carry into his triathlon season.

“I’m also working hard at getting more of my friends and family to embrace an active lifestyle and join the cycling community.”

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Berry Treasure “I have a 1L Oktoberfest mug just for drinking my Fluid.”

Justin Poe

Martial Arts

Justin is a man of many talents. He is a Kajukenbo 2nd Degree Black Belt (Hawaiian Martial Art) in addition to being a Martial Arts Fitness Instructor (American Sports and Fitness Association) and a Master Defensive Tactics Instructor in Law Enforcement Tactics.

Athletic goals for the year including continued training, and to encourage people that he coaches and instructors to live a health lifestyle.

Favorite Flavor: Recovery Berry Treasure

Glenn Schiavo


Glenn might just be the longest standing Fluid sponsored athlete. While Glenn’s sport of choice has been triathlons, he plans to spend his 2016 competing in 50 and 100 mile ultra running.

He plans to complete his first 100 mile ultra finish at Bryce Canyon 100 mile Ultra as well as a strong finish at the American River 50 Miler.

Favorite Flavor: “By FAR Chocolate wave.  Post 4am run treat for me is always the Chocolate Wave Mocha!!  Wake up and recover”

Christine Scott


Christine resides in San Luis Obispo, California. She is a top age-group level triathlete with a full racing schedule, covering events scattered throughout California and beyond. Professionally, Christine helps operate a nuclear power plant.

Her triathlon results include wins at the Full Vineman, MTS in San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, Big Kahuna, and Santa Barbara Long Course. Her 2016 goals include continuing improvement on long course triathlon skills (mental and physical), qualify for the Ironman World Championships, and “HAVING FUN!”

Favor Flavor: Performance Blueberry Pomegranate – Performance Passion Fruit Tea

David Scott

Mountain Bike

I’m Dave Scott from Cadillac, Michigan. (Looking at your right hand, Cadillac is about half way up your ring finger!)

I’ve been a Fluid Sponsored Athlete for the past eight years. I race mountain bikes, competing in cross country and endurance races, and this past year I added racing Fat Bikes during the winter months. That’s how I discovered hot Chocolate Wave!

I’m a certified personal trainer and a star 3 SPINNING instructor, so Fluid is an important part of my daily life. You could say that I ‘Live Fluid!!’

Peace, Dave

Bradford Sims

XC Mountain Biking/Cyclocross

Brad is a resident of Erie, Colorado.  He has been racing XC and endurance mountain bike at a high level in Colorado and California since 2006.  Brad races for Foxtrot Racing based out of Lafayette, Colorado where he is known as “Ox,” a nickname given to him during a heated race finish by a competitor.  When not on the mountain bike, Brad is a full time mechanical engineer and part time cycling coach.

Brad is looking forward to his 8th year of training and racing. He is targeting the Rocky Mountain Endurance Series and the Epic Single Track Winter Park Series. Brad also plans to achieve 4.25 Watts/kg.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Blueberry Pomegranate – Recovery Chocolate Wave

Nadia Sullivan


Nadia is an elite cyclist turned triathlete in Colorado who enjoys the spirit of endurance sport & the adventure of racing around the globe. In 2012 she had the honor of racing the short course World Championships in New Zealand and has chased the short course circuit around the U.S. When she’s not swimming, biking or running, she’s coaching other endurance athletes across the world.

2016 brings new challenges as she adapts to a permanent hand injury that has affected her swimming & biking. As she moves through this transition, races will be fun events with friends that happen to have a clock.

Nadia has been training & racing with Fluid since 2010 and has very particular preferences for what to use when:
Favorite Training Flavor: Blueberry Pomegranate
Favorite Racing Flavor: Fresh Citrus
Favorite Winter Recovery Flavor: Chocolate Wave
Favorite Summer Recovery Flavor: Berry Treasure

Annie Weiss

Ultra Runner

Annie is an ultra endurance athlete from Wisconsin with big goals to be a mountain runner. Training in Wisconsin isn’t easy when you want to run mountains and play at altitude. In early 2016, she will battle for the podium at Black Canyon 100k and Gorge Waterfalls 100k for a golden ticket into Western States. She will also compete in local flatland races in the Midwest, as well as Silver Rush 50m in Colorado into prepare for Leadville 100.

Besides her 24/7 job training and racing, she is a full-time dietitian working with athletes on sports nutrition as well as helping patients with eating disorders.

Favorite Flavor: “without a doubt Recovery Chocolate Wave!”

Ben Wooten


Ben is a former career firefighter and a current volunteer for the City of Mebane, with 8 years total in the service. He became involved with the Brotherhood Ride through a friend, Dena Ali, who is also a Fluid Athlete.  One of his favorite races is the  Raleigh Half Ironman.

For 2016, Ben plans to compete in his first crossfit competition, participate in the 2016 Carolina Brotherhood Bike Ride and potentially race a full marathon in fall.

Favorite Flavor: Performance Fresh Citrus


Cal Poly Triathlon Team


The Cal Poly Triathlon Team is one of the largest and most active sports clubs on Cal Poly campus with over 100 members. They help students achieve their goals in the sport of triathlon—whether it’s crossing the finish line for the first time or stepping up to the podium—regardless of their previous experience in triathlon.

DSENDiT Racing

Mountain Biking

This Amateur/Pro mountain bike racing team is based out of Art’s Cyclery in San Luis Obispo, CA. DESENDiT focuses primarily on Enduro/Gravity events but ultimately they aim to maximize fitness and fun on the bike, results are the bi-product.

Nytro Multisport Racing

Road Cycling

Breakaway Training always dreamed of a race team. Together with Nytro Multisport their dream finally came true. They assembled a team of 18 great guys who are not only exceptional elite or age group athletes but also truly embody the spirit of Breakaway Training; “Work hard. Race harder. Have a blast along the way”.

Peet’s Coffee Racing

Road Cycling

Peet’s Coffee Racing is a Northern California based elite masters bike racing team. This Fluid sponsored team is gearing up to have a great 2016 race season. Their talent filled roster includes 2015 World Masters Road Race Champion (45-49) Dan Martin and 2015 USA Masters National Criterium Champion (45-49) Dean LaBerge.

Red Monkey Racing

Mountain Biking

The Red Monkey Racing Team is all about shredding hard and having fun! Their title sponsor, Red Monkey Sports, is a Lake Forest, California based cycling accessories company that is proud to donate a portion of sales to various cycling charities.

SwimOutlet.com Team


This Amateur Elite Triathlon Team is based in the Bay Area and participates in races across the Western US. Team member Evan Rudd is currently ranked first in the country in the 30-34 age group by USAT! Leroy Thomas and Dillon Hollinger are fifth and sixth in their respective age groups as well.


San Jose Bicycle Club

SJBC has committed itself to the nurturing and development of beginning and junior cyclists. Members benefit from coaching and organized racing events aimed at increasing the skill, ability and enjoyment of each individual.

San Diego Bicycle Club

SDBC is the oldest bicycle club in San Diego and since 1946 they’ve supported men and women riders of all ages, from Juniors to Masters! The club offers members training programs created by seasoned cyclists with many years of racing and coaching experience as well as a way to meet other recreational cyclists in the area.

Silicon Valley Triathlon Club

SVTC serves multi-sport athletes of all ages and abilities. Their goals are to provide educational and training activities, coached programs and seminars, and stimulate a team atmosphere in a supportive and social environment.

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